This blog discusses the concept of pressure and how it builds up within us during times of change or difficulty. We can use the metaphor of a boiling pot of water to describe the process, starting from simmering emotions to a full boil where emotions become intense and visible. Let's learn together how to manage the pressure before it boils over.

Mark Hampton

3/11/20242 min read

Hello All,

I hope this finds you doing well and/or on the path to change. During these different stages of change, a large amount of pressure can build up within us. It’s similar to a boiling pot of water with a lid on it. Initially, the water just seems to simmer, small bubbles float up from the bottom (early emotions) nothing major. Then, more bubbles pop (more emotions) up from the bottom of the pan. Water temp increases, bubbles become more rapid, bigger, steam builds (emotions more rapid, more intense). Finally, the bubbles/pot are in full boil mode (emotions really intense), steam is leaking out of the lid (emotions are fully visible), pan is really hot (temper flares), to the point of the lid coming off (blowing our top).

Pressure, builds slowly and then if not managed properly, can burst through,

appearing in a lot of different ways.

Pressure leaks out like steam from a pan. Pressure appears for us as tears, fear, anxiety, depression, worry, isolation, addiction, mental health, words, snap decisions, being short with others, our children, and our loved ones, etc. How do you manage the Pressure, job, relationships, finances, family, temptations regarding addiction? Life can create unforeseen pressures. What are your coping skills? Do you have a plan/coping skills for handling pressure before it boils over.

A couple of my “go-tos” are journaling, working out, meditation, prayer, and talking with my support group, just to name a few. All of the above are very critical to me and help to relieve the pressure which builds at times within. It does not mean that the pressure is gone, but the temperature has been turned down
temporarily. I may have to repeat using those strategies many times before the pressure has truly passed.

It is very important that we have some strategies regarding the pressures of life and how to navigate those. My hope is that this insight helps one person to navigate those life difficulties and find some peace. God bless you and your families,

- Mark.



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