Sudden Change

This blog explores the concept of sudden, unexpected changes using a football analogy. Mark draws a parallel to life, where sudden changes can occur unexpectedly and often catch people off guard because they do not practice for them in daily life.

Mark Hampton

5/13/20242 min read

Hello All,

How are you doing today? How have things been going for you lately? Staying strong on your path of change? I know at times staying on the path can be challenging. Sometimes just downright hard! Especially when there’s a “Sudden Change.”

Do you ever play football, watch football, or coach football? You probably wonder “What’s the big deal about football?” Well, honestly I LOVE FOOTBALL! (lol). Now that’s out of let’s get to my point. In Football, there’s a term called “Sudden Change.”

“Sudden Change” is a term used in football (maybe other sports) when possession of the ball turns over to the other team unexpectedly.

When a Sudden Change happens in football, it creates a stress on the team and coaches trying to unexpectedly adjust to the suddenness of the change. Coaches and teams actually practice this drill during the week prior to game day. The reason they practice and drill this into the players, is because there is a certainty that a “Sudden Change” will undoubtedly occur during the course of a game and the Coach wants to make sure the assistant coaches and players are ready/prepared for the Sudden Change.

Have you ever experienced a “Sudden Change” in your life? Do you remember an example of a Sudden Change? Do you recall how that change felt? What were you feeling at the time? How did you react or respond when the Sudden Change took place? Do you normally practice in your day-to-day life for Sudden Change?

Well if I can answer that for you (if you don’t mind) probably not. Actually, most folks never practice and prepare for Sudden Change. When it happens today, what do you think you would do? How do you think you may react? Would the wheels come off?

Would you default to old behavior? Would you use during it? Do you think using would make it better or worse?

Sudden Change happens to everyone. It has already at some point happened to you, me, and all the rest of us. Now, it’s about how we respond to that change. What happened the last time you experienced Sudden Change? What could you do differently next time? Can you practice a new coping skill to navigate through Sudden Change?

I am hopeful that all of you out there can lean into a Sudden Change circumstance with more success than you had last time around. I believe in you and I know you can be successful!! If you need any assistance please feel free to contact us directly. God bless you and your families.

- Mark


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