Taking Advice/Suggestions

The blog post reflects on the value of listening to advice and the wisdom gained from life experiences. The author shares a memory of a conversation with their grandfather, during which they acknowledged their youthful tendency to learn from their own mistakes.

Mark Hampton

5/5/20222 min read

Hello All!

I hope everyone is doing well or at least moving in the right direction. I can remember a variety of people giving me advice. I still remember to this day, working outside in my grandfather's front yard on Xmas break from college. We were discussing a situation which I was dealing with at the time in my young life, which did not turn out so well. I distinctly remember saying, In all my (young) wisdom and worldly knowledge, “Sometimes Grandpa you have to learn from your experiences." Grandpa replied in all his wisdom,

"That’s just it, if you would just listen I could save you from some of those bad experiences!”

Wow was He right!! The wise old owl!! I look back every now & then and see how many times I refused to listen or follow good advice/suggestions. Most of the time, when I tried things my way, it usually ended up poorly for me. I have so many people who care about me today who I can turn to for advice/suggestions. Today I value that feedback, even when it goes against my thinking or my way of doing things. Have you ever had times when you ignored someone’s good advice? Have you ever refused to listen and do things your way? What was the outcome? Did it work out well? Or do look back and say, “I should have listened?" Just know it’s never too late to heed advice/suggestions and change both direction and outcomes!! God Bless you all!

- Mark


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