Mark explores the concept of "Transparency" in the context of recovery. He highlights the importance of being open and honest about one's thoughts and emotions with those who offer support and accountability.

Mark Hampton

10/10/20232 min read

Hello All,

What is “Transparency”? Webster’s defines it as “easily detected or seen through”. How does “Transparency” affect recovery? How does “Transparency” affect you? I can tell you from experience some of the best advice I received early on in recovery is to “Transparent” and provide “Transparency” to those who both support me and provide accountability.

This sounds really easy, but I can assure you it is not. It took me a while to reveal myself and my true feelings to people who I was just building relationships with. What I found out, was the longer I held on to what was inside (out of Fear) the longer I stayed broken and the longer it took to start to heal. As a matter of fact, without “Transparency” I would actually stay stuck where I was and not grow myself.

“Transparency” I believe is key in recovery. Yes…some things are really hard to open up about, sometimes we feel depressed, anxious, sad, lonely, and broken. Sometimes we are fearful, ashamed, embarrassed, our ego gets in the way and we want to portray we are strong and we got this!

However, keeping all those feelings inside and not providing “Transparency” just gives those things fuel to grow and hollow us out.

We need to lean into the discomfort and show “Transparency” so that it takes the power out of those things. Also, it gives us a chance to open up and receive vital feedback and suggestions which may help us in our current circumstances. I encourage ALL of those out there who struggle with “Transparency” to open up and let those who can assist us in. God Bless you ALL,

- Mark.



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